my virtual bridge

My Lord

I never know … when you’d be enlightening my life
when you will pull the bitterness from my day
Was not enough what you inflicted to me?
empty my day .. no motivation

my street is full of sharp thorns
My fingers stiff … too long begged peacefully
soles of my feet full of blood and pus.
I drag it too long for the comfort of my dreams
my clothes no longer form
just for the sake of my devotion to my sense
My sense in which she has won my heart
who never let me dispose from my life

but she was my true love
I’m proud to be part of her heart
I felt peacefully in her love
I’m comfortable in the arms of her life

but …
You should keep me away from her?
while ..
This longing kept bubbling
kept bind up my day
I never could stand

My God .. when all this will end?

when i ride my virtual bridge along my day

by Mahfudz Rianto

Updated: January 30, 2012 — 4:35 pm

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