Where lies your heart

Where lies your heart

scatter a lot of love for you.
but you are still without any sense of caring.
knows what’s on your mind I do not understand.

your sweet lips to speak. sweet seduction.
but why?
not in line with what’s in your heart.
at least consider what happens? heart is crying

I cried inside.
where the location of your beautiful heart in the mouth.
I changed it proper behavior as you.
I strive to meet your
because we make the meeting.

but you just simply waved his hand to invite. you just

if it is reasonably fair.
why would you let me.

at least, you are approached, call not indifferent
I keep feeling that your rights
at least, you say something
maintain that I admire you

you are my friend.
but for me you are not legitimate to say it all.
you will see by my craziest.
you will regret for letting me

Artinya : puisi ini menceritakan meski dia sudah ada yang memiliki tapi aku cinta sama dia dan menanti dia menjadi kekasihku . kesabaran ini di uji untuk bersabar dia melepaskan dia dan bersamaku

Updated: January 23, 2012 — 2:01 pm

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