Today was a fairytale,,

Go affection (the last word for you)

You come with your new story,
Breathes a kind of poetry that I can always guess the good,
Love is indeed cruel,
But you must know, how sick I was when you give me up to scratch glass is infected,
You do not come back bargain gold have you get after you lived me,
But it’s not love,.
Heart ever hurt you makes me faint in the cruel world of you,,,,,,

The world is wide, but this city is just as small as your guts to love me,,,
The chance that you recite through this wood not’ll might make me ready remedy lift you back.
To become be MY PRINCE.
God has always given the opportunity,
But you must know, that opportunity came for the second time say it,,
So is the chance that I give to you,

please Go dear,
I had fun playing with my little sore-smarting you’ve made it,
And I’m also busy preparing neat memories you’ve entrusted it,,
I’m happy, you’ve made a rainbow with less, even though I know you never gave him the color,
However, this is where I,,
always your patience and riding in my seriousness,
But you have to shred things I Leave,,

Go affection,
Never to make a second time again for me,
don’t once again carve your name one letter on my heart,,
Because I’ve finished cleaning all have you created to me,

Do not come dear,
Because I already know a new love,
Because I’ve got my new story.
And stop to look forward to hear the words of a chance in my mind,

You are never to be the leader,
However, it used to,,

Good-bye dear,
Excuse me never expect you to be number one, … ..

created by: Adella pleased Pratiwi

Updated: November 29, 2011 — 2:28 pm

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  1. thanks for add my poem on here,,,,,,,,

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