memory in the past

When I was seen you for the first time
I believe that…
I am able to be part in your life
Your so kindness has made my heart trembling
Every time I look at you
All your sweet words
Made me touched to hear them more and more
I was helpless to restrain my feeling that time
If two human being promise each other in sign
Now, I almost do not believe
That beautiul memory
My love story with you it’s only a past time
But, I don’t care
I will always reminisce about you in my heart
You mean so much to me
Always support me in anything I do
Even by the time saying good bye
You still pas out your farewell hands
I do not belive indeed
Remembering that time
I feel that I would like to cry
I feel that i would like shout
Let all people know about my feeling
But, my inner voice does allow to
If I’m only able to see you
I am quite happy enough
You still keep my memory in your heart
And know…
I’ve missed you
There’s only one that I’d to say
I love you forever

Updated: August 16, 2011 — 4:46 am

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