Tonight the air is so cool ..
I have been greeted with imaginary daydream
stars come greet me being silent
stunned silence in the strains of soft song
My mind drifted to that time ..
Memories are beautiful but oppressive
As if I was lost in darkness
do not know what to go ..
Getting lost in confusion
fell from the beauty
even the stars were no longer appear
I really fell into a vortex of wind
where I saw only despair and doubt
there was no light, lost to deep
I ran did not know the direction
fell again in the abyss
and a glimmer of light coming
like stars and lift my body
lift the dark soul within me
tersodor hand for the shaking
and pulled me from the dark
did not realize I had been through a lot of darkness
I walk and hold hands warm this
I see a simple smile
I smile unconscious and awoke from a dream
cries suddenly appears and down my cheeks
he kept smiling and holding my hand
and after I smiled back …
missing shadow slowly ….
Good-bye …. someone, someday would meet again

Updated: November 13, 2010 — 3:52 pm

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