I chose this because


coming here was to my house at all times
when you are in a messy problem
do not be shy, I do not mind, think of your own home
because I love you

devote all your tears in every story, so you’re satisfied
so you can come back to life again, was caught by problems
vent all your emotions in every speech
it’s all you’ll feel relieved and happy

gentle warm breeze hit
through your heart full of sorrow
Give me your hand, let us go on a window
see the stars shining

I love not with a kiss or a hug, but in the form of support
to go ahead and forward again, facing a vast wheel of life
see you smile, oh I’m so glad this heart smiled happily
instead of pretending to smile. But the really happy part,
and when she was enjoying her life again

foothold in the vast grassland
full of beautiful flowers, like your smile
see you pick and give it to someone
joy this heart can see

I still keep my distance so as not to interfere
an event that really I enjoy, to see him excited like this
I could not mess it up
see my idol flowers, give her crown to someone else


Updated: January 4, 2012 — 12:12 pm

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